• Taffynitial

    Quick Update!

    April 14, 2014 by Taffynitial

    Hello everyone!

    I'll be working my hardest to get the walkthrough finished this week, but part of the challenge will be structuring it for the wiki itself, so expect it to be uploaded over a bunch of days after it's finally finished!

    Regarding the Gravity Rush spirits in Destiny of Spirits; has anyone managed to get ahold of these? I have all the spirits except for Yunica and the Nevi. I've already spent a fair amount of money on Destiny Orbs and it's a little frustrating not having these spirits on top of no guarantee I'll get them if I purchase more orbs... But we desperately need pictures for these two on the wiki!

    However, like I said, I have all the other spirits, including the Gravity Panther and the previously unknown Nevi Shaga. I wil…

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  • Taffynitial

    Hello again everyone!

    So I've been pretty silent for the past three weeks after posting a plea for more editors. A couple of good folks showed up, and I'm sure they know who they are! ;)

    Anyway, in my absence I've been quietly working on the walkthrough for the game. I originally planned to finish the walkthrough in the same style it's been written for the first eight chapters, but after thoroughly playing through the game a third time, I decided to start over and build a fully comprehensive guide.

    This will include a plot summary (with detailed analyses for certain aspects), comic strips, optional dialogue spots, challenge recommendations, leveling recommendations and, of course, the walkthrough itself, with plenty of tips.

    I will scour for s…

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  • Taffynitial

    We've got work to do!

    January 6, 2014 by Taffynitial

    This Wiki seriously needs some more editors, especially in anticipation for Gravity Rush 2. I'll try my best over the coming months, but exam season resumes for me pretty soon, and we can get this all done much faster as a team!

    Let's all be good Gravity Rush fans and make an impression to the newcomers. A dedicated fanbase attracts more fans after all! As the franchise expands, newcomers are going to want more reading material. We need to show the world we are the number one source for all things Gravity Rush!

    If anyone needs assistance in grabbing screenshots or writing a page, just give me a shout! Or hit me up on PSN (ID = Taffynitial)

    Taffynitial (talk) 23:33, January 6, 2014 (UTC)Taffynitial

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