Recently, I asked for some help in translating the fifth Gravity Days comic (which was in chinese), and I got it. The wording was somewhat akward though, so I decided to make my own version of the script taking pieces from both translations and making them sound better. Here it is, what do you think? The lines in italic are comments of mine.

Page 1
Raven: ...Why? Why must you interfere?
Raven: Why must I deal with these sort of people?
Off-Screen Voice: Raven...
Gade: I can't let you do this.
Gade: Let me tell you, even though that man looks... (I'm guessing he's refering to D'Nelica here, thus why I put "man")
Raven: Stop lecturing me and open the door, now!
Gade: Th-that hurts! How can you treat an old man like this?
Yuri: The old man isn’t wrong. (I'm not sure to what he's refering to here) Release him immediately.
Raven: The military's clean-up troops... D'Nelica's private force. (is this accurate? I don't remember where the military force came from)
Yuri: He might still be of use. Please put him down.
Raven: Who cares! It doesn't matter who blocks my path, I'll...
Page 2
Yunica: Watch your mouth!
Yunica: The existence of such a strong shifter is innecessary!
Yunica: Don't bother with pointless scheming.
Raven: Scum...
Yunica: For the sake of this world, it'd be better if you two disappeared.
Syd: I'm not drunk yet...
Page 3
Syd: Hey miss! Why the sour face? How 'bout we drink a shot together?
Yuri: Reusing old strategies won't work. We should retreat, Sea Wasp. (Sea Wasp was Yunica's code name right?)
Yuri: Seeing as we will meet again someday, I hope she will be more cooperative then.
Syd: What were those two doing? There'll always be troublemakers, won't there...
Syd: Being caught up with you guys... It's as difficult as dealing with Kat.
Raven: You are...
Gade: *Sigh* This has become as twisted as a knot... (this line is weird, dunno how else to put it) The turning of the wheels of fate have long since become unstoppable.
Raven: Be silent! If you try to stop me I’ll...
Gade: If you wish to go, you may, but then... how will I make amends? (I have no idea idea what Gade is talking about here but it sounds cool)
Page 4
Raven: I don't care if you're a god. Anyone who gets in my way will die!

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