Vendecentre as it appears in Gravity Rush

Vendecentre (ヴァン・ダ・センタリアレ, Vuandasentariare), is a location in Hekseville. Also called Downtown, it is the city's largest area, and is the fourth district to which Kat travels in Gravity Rush. It returns in Gravity Rush 2.

Locations Edit

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Manholes Edit

  • Loop Line Station #1
  • Loop Line Station #3
  • Skyscraper Valley

Challenge Missions Edit

  • Aggressive Sales Tactics I
  • Behind the Scenes II
  • Customer Service I
  • Lunar Style Race II

Trivia Edit

  • Vendecentre's name is almost certainly a combination of "vend" (a common Romance language term—cf. French vendre, Spanish vender, English vendor) and the obvious "centre," highlighting its nature as a center for sales and business.
  • In Gravity Rush 2, performing a Gravity Kick on the Clock Tower bell causes it to ring.


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