Wolp as it appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Unknown
(Possibly male)
Appears in Gravity Rush 2

Wolp is the Guardian of King Cai, a type of fantastical creature that appears to members of Eto's royal family.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like Dusty and Xii, Wolp's entire body is pitch black, resembling a starry night sky. Unlike Dusty and Xii, who are modeled after real animals, Wolp is more mythological in appearance. He resembles a stag with large antlers, but also has bird-like wings on his back.


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Not much is known about Wolp's history, though he most likely entered Cai's service when the latter rose to power.

Gravity Rush 2Edit

Wolp first appears when Cai discovers Xicero and Alias' conspiracy in the palace's throne room. Cai orders Wolp to deal with the traitors and he does so, first by smashing Alias to pieces, then mortally wounding Xicero. When Kat intervenes to stop them, Wolp simply breathes out a smokescreen and summons White Nevi to fight Kat while he and Cai escape. Wolp witnesses Elektricitie's release from her prison and remains at Cai's side during the subsequent battle for Hekseville. When Kat defeats Elektricitie, Wolp comforts a distraught Cai after Kat slaps the king, causing them to merge and transform into a powerful Nevi-like monster. Eventually, with help from her remaining allies, Kat herself merges with Dusty and Xii and overpowers the monstrosity, destroying Wolp once and for all.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wolp possessed some abilities atypical of Shifter guardians. He could breathe smokescreens and summon White Nevi to keep Kat occupied, allowing Cai and himself to escape. In his giant Nevi form, he could breathe destructive beams of energy, regenerate any cores that Kat destroyed, and even strip Kat of her shifting abilities.


  • Wolp's name and appearance are likely derived from the Wolpertinger, a German mythogical creature said to be a mixture of rabbit and deer with the wings of a pheasant.


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