Xicero as he appears in Gravity Rush 2
Gender Male
Appears in Gravity Rush 2

Xicero is the Senate Chancellor of Eto and the main cause of Queen Alua going missing for a hundred years.


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He was once one of Queen Alua's royal retainers, and became convinced that her desire to save the world below from The Darkness would doom Eto.

He pushed her off a narrow walkway and left her dangling, saying that if she had a Guardian, she could save herself, and that her lack of a Guardian means she doesn't deserve to be queen.

Syd intervenes and tries to help Alua, but Xicero stabs Syd and sends both of them plummeting to their deaths, before Creator Bit intervenes and saves them.

100 years later, Xicero admits to Alias that he regrets his decision, seeing that Alua's successor, Cai, is evil and vicious. He plans to help Kat escape the castle, but is attacked and mortally wounded by Wolp before that can happen, though his help isn't actually needed as Kat already escaped on her own with the help of Alias.


  • His name may be based on the Roman politician Cicero, who was a member of the Roman consul.


Gravity Rush 2 Edit


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