Gender Unknown
Powers and abilities Phoenix (transformation)
Appears In Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2
Another Story - Raven's Choice
"With Xii, I learned how to shift gravity. I learned how to survive."

Xii is a crow shaped Guardian in Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush 2, and Another Story - Raven's Choice. It belongs to Raven and grants her the ability to shift gravity.


Xii appeared before Raven, Sachya at the time, one day when she was weak and helpless while living on the streets. It helped her survive and granted her the power to shift gravity, leading her to become Raven. This created a major personality shift for the small child, turning her from a sweet, naive girl into a ruthless, sinister, seemingly dark fighter who struck fear into those around her.

When fully powered, it can turn into a Phoenix and merge with Raven, granting her enhanced speed, greater mobility, massive attack power, and health regeneration.


  • It has been speculated[1] that Xii's name comes from the Roman numeral XII (twelve), which in turn could be a reference to the Hanged Man card found in the Major Arcana of most Tarot decks. The Hanged Man is frequently associated with self-sacrifice and acceptance. The card has also sometimes been used to depict the Norse god Odin, who hung himself from a tree in order to gain knowledge, and who kept two ravens as companions.



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